Ludibasquet - Pass and cut

Place: Vidreres (Girona)


Date: Second weekend in June


Categories: U10 (saturday) / U12, U13, U14, U16 (saturday & sunday)


Price (2020): 25-50€ (depends on players number) – includes snack, dinner and breakfast.



Ludibasquet is a 24-hour tournament for children. There is a guarded and enabled space in the underground car park where teams can rest at night and an outdoor space where daytime activities take place. The competition is divided into three places: the pavilion (main area), the institute (open area where U13 to U16 play some matches) and the multipurpose tracks (covered area where U10 & U12 play some matches) . There is a connection between the pavilion and the other two areas with a mini train that makes trips continuously all day.

An example of the success of the tournament is that every child who has gone there always wants to repeat. Ideal the extra coexistence that is generated by being a two-day tournament.