Basketball Wien Osterturnier - Pass and cut

Place: Viena (Austria)


Date: Easter (Monday to Saturday)


Categories: U12, U13,U14,U16, U18, U20, U23 (Men & Women)


Price (2020): 160€ (Team fee) + 150/185€ (player fee).


             – Accommodation (sacks / beds)

             – 3 hot meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

             – Free public transport from Monday to Saturday (Metro, tram and bus)

             – Guided bus tour (English) around the city


Summary / rating:

Without a doubt, Osterturnier is the tournament that has most impressed me. In the last edition, finally suspended by COVID, 522 teams from 23 countries were registered, with more than 5000 players. Excellent organization, appropriate meals (special menus for allergy and intolerant), very correct treatment and the possibility of getting to know the city throughout the week. You have to go at least once in your life.