Tournaments - Pass and cut

Tournaments - Pass and cut

Ideal complement to the season


When we start the season we plan training and friendly prep matches. Later and with the calendars of the federation we are ready to face it to the end. Many coaches are left with just that and enough. Personally, I am one of those who are always looking for something more that makes a season have a deeper meaning for the players.

Many group activities can be found. Personally I prefer whenever possible, through a tournament and the further away, the better.



Why far away?


The problem with playing close or relatively close is that you can find teams you’ve already competed with before. An example happened to me when I was coaching a U13 women’s team in Lliçà d’Amunt and I took him to the TIM in Andorra. There we had to play two games against a team that we had already faced in the previous phase of the federation league and in addition we found him again in the regular phase. Playing six games in a year against the same team doesn’t exactly give a “special” warmth to the season.










Whenever possible. The most appropriate question would be … how many? The more tournaments you can do, the stronger the group experience that year. In this section I will post all the tournaments that I know or that are referenced to me, as long as you have the minimum data to offer appropriate information. If you need more information you can see the original tournament website via the link or ask me through the contact form.