Project: Club Game - Pass and cut

Project: Club Game - Pass and cut

Club Game

Club or coach teams?


We often see club teams as individual units, detached from the rest and operating independently. This situation often causes integration problems. Players like family members and even coaches, do not know anyone in the club beyond their immediate environment and consequently do not get involved as we would all like. How many times have we not thought it would be good for members of any team to go see activities from other teams on the club? What could it mean if this happens?




Being part of something bigger


The mentality of belonging to a club involves much more than belonging to a team. It involves being available to the needs of the club because we feel it. When we are part of something bigger, we offer ourselves more and find it easier to empathize with the situations of others or everyone. We gladly accept that, although as an individual they do not benefit us, they can improve the conditions of the rest of our people, the club people.


The possibilities


With these questions and reasoning in mind, I fortunately found a game that is working really well on the internet. I immediately imagined how this game could be transformed into a tool that could bring the club closer to people. The possibilities were potentially very great.


What does the player win?


Basically involvement: the player will work much harder as he participates. We will keep you hooked on good performance with a little monitoring and care. It will serve us as a tool to improve their confidence and at the same time allow us to move away from unwanted attitudes or behaviors. Nor should we forget the playful component of the game, where you will have to demonstrate your knowledge of the club and all its members to your teammates, family or friends.




What do parents earn?


Parents can take advantage of this game to learn more about the club where their children play and see it from a more personal point of view. They can be part of the player’s sporting development through emotional support and positive reinforcement. They can also enjoy a game that will unite them with their children, finding a point of coincidence to play together.


What does the game consist of?


The game consists of a private league where each member has fictitious money to form a basketball team. This team will have as players the members of the club itself, from preminis to seniors, both men’s and women’s teams.

The object of the game is to compete, in a closed league and with other members (who may be teammates, clubmates, parents, friends, etc.). Each week they would have to make lineups of 5 players who would score based on their actual performance in federated matches. The individual score would be extracted from the statistics provided by the game report together with an individual assessment from his own coach. On a weekly basis, players could be signed and sold in a “fictitious market” where a specific number would randomly appear. These would belong to the group of players not signed by any member of the league. The value of the players would go up and down depending on their performance week by week, attendance at matches or not, injuries, etc.







How is the game currently?


With the collaboration of a handful of teammates I did a pilot test, manually, with 6-8 teams and their coaches. The results were quite positive and reinforced the initial thinking.

Unfortunately, my computer skills are currently not deep enough to carry out all the required work. Right now I’m looking to find someone who wants to collaborate on this project to shape it. Do you want to be you? If you’re curious and think you could help make it a reality, get in touch with me and we’ll talk about it.