My philosophy - Pass and cut

My philosophy - Pass and cut


In this space I will try to reflect my philosophy in relation to the experiences I have lived in my life dedicated to basketball, whether as a player, coach (at all levels and categories), coordinator or even referee or club board member.

Individually, each figure has its own way of working, depending on its objectives. But it has nothing to do with what a referee might think of what a coordinator or board member thinks. Everyone has their own way of interpreting the game and their own philosophy on how it should be. The Catalan Basketball Federation (FCBQ) has been evolving its philosophy over time. And without leaving the competition, he has found formulas to protect the kids training.

But not only does the figure reflect a thought, but there are also other variables that can greatly alter the point of view. For example, a coach used to form teams with players who have never played before or at a low level. Surely he will not have the same vision of basketball as a coach accustomed to leading senior category teams. He is even very different from a coach in his own category but from a much more developed team and where the philosophy is more imbued with competitiveness.



Many times, when considering about a situation, we only look at it from a perspective and have no vision beyond that. Having tried many facets of the basketball world enriches you considerably and allows you not to leave any of them out of the equation.

By this I do not say that my perception is the best, my purpose is only to offer a particular opinion drawn from personal experience.

In the Planning section of a player you can find my way of seeing basketball and the construction of the player from the School upwards.