Clubs and entities - Pass and cut


You can currently find me, as a coach, in these two clubs:


Coach of Infantil Masculí B and Cadet Masculí D. Signed this atypical season of the pandemic, very happy with the work of both teams, despite the limitations imposed on us.

Mini Verd coach. Also the first season in the middle of the pandemic and with the same limitations, we work patiently so as not to lose rythm or enthusiasm.

Club where I have been from 2011 to 2020. Eight of the nine seasons there I have been as coach and coordinator at the same time. I have had very good experiences there, with excellent colleagues. But like all stages, they must one day end.

Another club where I spent a good handful of years, specifically eight, from 2005 to 2013. Most of the time as a  coach and some years as a coordinator. I enjoyed with good people and good experiences.


One season at the club, the 2011/12 season, was enough to be able to enjoy a great team of players who made it clear to me that they loved basketball as much as I did. A great memory.




When I was young and led the coordination of the CB Beeth-Fons, I had the opportunity to meet Josep Grau, head of Bàsquet Neus and a prominent figure in basketball in Santa Coloma. An admirable worker who carried out an impeccable basketball job at school. When he offered me to train in Basquet Neus I had to refuse for my responsibilities at the club where I was, but I gave him my word that one day I would go there. After his sudden loss, I vowed to keep my word and I was able to do so in the 2005/06 season and over the course of 3 years. Thanks Josep, the Neus is a special place and I was able to find out.