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Un genial projecte obre les portes a un altre

Publicat  26 de gener de 2021. 10.12 hores. -Webmaster-.

L’entrenador colomenc Raul Ruiz ha llançat un nou projecte a la xarxa…


Welcome to my page, where I will try to turn my experience in the world of basketball into a tool that can offer help to those who need it.

So on this page you can find my philosophy on training basketball. Also spaces that I consider that there are not many despite the depth that the internet enjoys today. Especially relevant information about tournaments or something so basic as a space, my forum, where you can find team, coach, players and even friendly. You will also find plenty of links to official, club or interest pages developed around basketball. Finally, you can use the contact form to send me your impressions and even consult the privacy policy if necessary.

Some we learned from books

Although my history, as a player, dates back a long time, it’s been 35 years since I started managing and training teams as a coach. It was a time without the internet and with the limitations of the time, where training was basically going to the library or buying books and watching many, many workouts.

But one thing has not changed over time is to watch workouts, where you can learn a lot. And not just the exercises applied by fellow coaches but also their way of managing the emotional and personal situations of the players.

On the other hand, the information we receive today is a blessing compared to what we had over 30 years ago. This makes it more affordable to orient our capabilities towards higher quality and more appropriate training.

Learn to train ahead of competing

Over time, both the coaching staff and the federation itself have been setting up and leading to a more formative scenario. So, step by step, the development of the players has been very protected from those who only wanted to see their competitive side, which must always be there because it is part of the game. But this competitiveness must never be above the interests of the boys and girls who are developing as players.

Sènior Femení 1993/94

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